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Please note this interview was done in 2012.   

Hey Taryn
Its been 10 years since crossroads we hope its ok but we would like to start with the crossroads questions and than go into your Music movies and life after crossroads.
How did you come across getting the role of Mimi in Crossroads  ?
I got the audition through my agent and was super excited about the material. I did find out on my way there that there was already and offer out to an actress but that they were going to see people in the mean time just in case she didn't take it. I was told was that i went in there and blew them away and they changed their mind. I was cast. 
Were you a fan of Britney’s prior to crossroads  and if so do you still find yourself a fan of hers now. ?
I was always a fan of Britney and was never a hater. I always respected her because of how hard I felt she worked. I had always heard she was a nice person and it turns out she really really was. I am definitely a fan. There is really no other voice like hers. When Britney comes out with a song, it is pretty much guaranteed to be a big bangin’ pop song and I respect that.
What was it like having your song CrazyLove featured in the movie ? (and can we add  what a cool scene to have it featured in )
I was beside myself with excitement because I wasn't event signed yet and it was a raw, demo version of the song and I loved the scene that they chose to put it in, when we were all dancing. It was really just one of those moments in life where you are like "wow" and that is my song Britney Spears is dancing to. It was a surreal moment.
Did you expect Crossroads to be as big as it was ?
No, I went into crossroads not really knowing a lot yet about the movie business, so for me all I knew was that I got a role and it was with Britney Spears and Zoe Saldana. I liked the content and I knew we were going to be gone for three months and really that is all that I thought about. When it came out it was pretty surprising, I knew we had something special.
You recently tweeted a photo from behind the scenes od crossroads what’s your favorite memories from making the movie ?
Some of my favorite memories were every Monday coming back to set and exchanging stories from all of our weekends. We would all have a funny moment to share and since we were in that car all we did was just chat and chat, to the point where the director would have to be like "Girls, we’re rolling!". It was always fun hearing about Britney's escapades... the life of a superstar.
In a recent interview you mentioned a tattoo adventure with Britney and her big rob can you tell us more about that?
Just a random day on set and I think Britney saw my tattoo and decided then that she wanted one too so I went with her. Was a fun time!
Moving on from crossroads ten years on how has life been for you.
Life is great! The road that I have chosen for a career is not always easy and I accept the ebbs and the flows, the ups and downs. I have always stayed busy and I am thankful for my good health and amazing family and friends. I love the work that I do and am looking forward to my work in the future!
What was it like working on Law and Order SVU ? (personally my favorite episode) 
SVU was a great experience. I really loved Mariska, she was an awesome woman and a generous actor. She was just really kind to me cause it was pretty heavy material. It was very cool because I got nominated for a guest starring role for an Emmy and got positive recognition for that role which is always nice.
What was it like getting to work on Hawaii Five-0 for a few episodes and you favorite memory you will take away from it?
I love going to Hawaii for several reasons. For one, it is like a paid vacation. The cast and crew are really great and I feel like Hawaii has changed me for the better. It is a slower pace and I start feeling healthier with all of the nature and ocean around. I love shooting on our locations. There was one day where we shot in a house and the ocean pretty much came right up to the door. So in between takes instead of going back to my trailer I would just go and sit out on the beach and it was crazy to think I was working.
In  the movie Jack and Jill vs the world you play Jill a girl suffering from Cystic Fibrosis . Can I ask what did you do to prepare for the role and what was it like making the movie?
I did a lot of research for that role because I thought it was the right thing to do and I wanted to portray it as honestly as I could. It is a tragic sickness. I met one young girl who was 21 and who was so fragile. She was days away from getting her transplant and had just had a baby, she was such a fighter. It put a lot of things into perspective for me and I wanted to do her and everyone who has the disease a certain justice.
Your new record Turn it up is out can you tell us a bit more about the music you are currently working on .?
"Turn it up" was amazing and moved right up the dance charts. It was a great single and I am so excited to drop my second single "Send Me The Love" off of my upcoming EP that is coming this summer. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!
Can we hope someday to see Taryn Manning Tour  either solo or with boomkat?
Of course!
When you DJ-ing do you have a favorite track you just have to play ?
I always love my Motown and I have a couple of tracks that are go-tos where I know the crowd will all get down... but you’ll have to come out to a show to find out!
Taryn  you have accomplished so much in life you are a successful DJ actress and singer ,  Is there anything else that you would love to do
The only other thing I could see myself doing would be working with animals or doing energy work... Acupuncture or Reiki healing. I would love to study not only the technical part of it but the spiritual aspects as well.
Looking back on all your past projects (Movies TV Music ) do you have one that holds special memories ?
 All of my projects are close to me in their own individual ways. 
Now time for some fun unique questions because at we don’t follow trends we create them.
If you were to cook something at home what would it be and why.?
I make a mean Chilaquiles. My friends and family are fans. 
Where is your favorite place to holiday?
Los Angeles, when everybody else is gone for holidays.
What would be your perfect date night?
To be surprised. I get bored with the average date night... dinner and a movie. Let's keep it interesting boys!
What’s the last movie you watched ?
I just saw the Descendants. I thought it was nice to see Clooney play a fresh and real character.
What’s you favorite TV show?
Me and my brother love the Pawn Shop shows. Obsessed.
What’s the last 5 albums you bought ?
I loved Adele’s record. From front to back.
What’s been your craziest fan experience .?
Probably when I got the most gigantic box delivered to my front door and we were all scared to open it. When we finally had the nerve to open it, it turned out to be the coolest white unicorn that I still have to this day.
We cant help our self one last question came out I crossroads 2 die harder ? 
My understanding was that it was just made for her video, though it would be cool.