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Welcome to myBritneyInsider

Our mission is to update you on all things Britney around the clock from all over the world, we are the first Britney fan site to have different time zones covered... Meaning for you there is never a bit of Britney news that's missed no matter what time of the day it is where you are.On MBI you will never find anything bad written about Larry, Adam, Brett and the rest of her team, Her Family or others close to her. MBI is a site that we as fans would love to visit and we hope to one day get the seal of approval from Britney herself as Larry has shared his on social media and we hope she would be proud of our site MyBritneyInsider.So I guess by now you may be wondering who team MBI  are and what they do. Let us take some time to fill you in about each of us.

Kelly (@babybrit)Kelly has been a Britney fan since the first day she saw  BOMT on the TV... it was out with the Spice Girls and in with Britney... Based in Brisbane, Australia but has a serious travel bug and has been blessed to see Britney live in concert 18 times across Australia, Europe and Los Angeles each one was like the first time..While not getting to get a picture with the Femme Fatale herself like Amanda, Kelly has met some other amazing performers and knows one day she will finally get her Picture.. and it will make her fellow colleagues, family & friends very happy.Kelly is also Games Co-Coordinator at her JB Hi Fi store so enjoys gaming in her free time..

Loree Ferla (@LoreeFerla )Loree is a fellow American fan brought on to MBI to add her friendly and very kind heart with much love and respect for Britney.

So you are a Britney Spears fan, want to join our team, well contact us and tell us why you want to who knows we might just be looking to add someone or someones to our team.