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I mean it quotes as an insider saying it to a tabloid.... but we are posting as we hope its true... Team MBI always stood by Britney and we support her always... but we never supported the cash grab docs. 

here is the aritcle...

Britney Spears is still fuming over the 2021 Netflix documentary Britney vs Spears, which explored her family feuds and conservatorship battle.

Three years later, the Toxic singer has decided to take a stand by denying the streaming giant to any use of her music, image, or cooperation, reported In Touch Weekly.

An insider close to the situation claimed that Britney and her team see themselves as the "good guys" and believe the documentary was "shabby and exploitative."

“Britney and her team have taken the position that Netflix did something unforgivable to her by airing and continuing to make available their documentary piece on Britney and her situation,” they said.

The singer and her team fear that the documentary “might be one of the most watched pieces of Britney-related media of the last twenty years” due to Netflix’s huge subscriber base.

“That’s not really fair to Britney on a bunch of levels and she knows it,” they continued. “To her credit, she’s putting her money where her mouth is and just refusing to do business with Netflix on any level.”

The source shared that Neflix will have to do something “huge and profound” to win back the popstar’s confidence that “they’re a firm she should be in business with, even passively.”