Here we have a post of someone who witnessed Britney on her holiday.



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Long post - sorry but.....The vast majority of the posts on Britney Spears’ Instagram are from loving fans but for those who choose to take cheap shots from behind your Instagram shields, listen up....I don’t know Britney and she doesn’t know me but I was there on that same beach in Turks and Caicos for 5 days. What I saw was a very normal beautiful young woman trying to have a fun, and more importantly, have a normal vacation. She went swimming, snorkeled and saw fish, sat on a lounge chair reading a book, rode a bike, bought some hats and prob ate some food. She even got really excited and ran over and politely asked a mom - a complete stranger - if she could hold her baby. She didn’t do this to be seen - there were 15 people on the beach. She did it because she’s a mother, a daughter, and a person who looked genuinely excited seeing a cute 10 month old baby on the beach. What I saw each day was a REAL person...a happy, excited and absolutely beautiful woman - INSIDE AND OUT. She was just doing the things we all try to do on vacation. The only difference is she’s one of the greatest performing artists on the planet and it must be difficult to live a normal life. So here’s some advice to those who take cheap shots; get off your phone and go look in the mirror at your own makeup, your clothes, your body and see how you look. Then think about the last vacation you took and what tchotchkes you bought. Now imagine that the whole world is watching and judging you...and then, give her a break. #britneyspears #turksandcaicos #beach #water #ocean #britney

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