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Posted on 24 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

 "How often does a girl get to dump ice on her manager? Waiting for you Adam Leber!! :)"


Posted on 21 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

David's #ALSIceBucketChallenge, last but not least! Def did not get it as bad as I did, payback is still in order."




Posted on 21 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider





Adam Sandler


We are still waiting on David's Video... Come on David your GF Britney called you out :)

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

 We will share more pics & videos.. just awaiting HQ ones..





Posted on 17 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider


Happy Birthday Nikki Paramo — at Britney: Piece Of Me Live At The AXIS Theatre.

Photo credit: FB Page 
Britney: Piece Of Me

Posted on 17 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 17 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

how cute is this this video




Posted on 08 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

On August 4th Britney Spears tweeted a nice comment to @zoesaldana in responce to Zoe deffending her in an interview.

Britney also made a comment hinting at the possibility of a Crossroads part two. As I am sure most fans would agree with me that's a great idea :) All 3 of these women are great actors :) They all apparently have major respect for each other too !

Here is a link to that comment

Posted on 07 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

One of our fav followers on Twitter is at it again... sharing this great new pic of Britney... 

Then we saw Britney herself shared this...

"Been working hard this summer! So ready to bring it for the next round of #PieceOfMe shows next week"

Posted on 07 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

How cute are these pics of them...

Posted on 06 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider
We received this tweet & got excited... we just had to share and give a shout out to @laurentcial Hit Boy & Wiz Khalifa.... Brit's getting her urban fix... we hope these get a release. "@laurentcial: @TeamMBI 🔜Britney Jean. New titles were added and found a duet with produced by Hit Boy recorded Wiz Khalifa Britney Jean"
Posted on 05 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider
"@jamielynnspears: my moms sent me this to post from @zoesaldana ....... #tbc" Following the link to JLs twitter to watch the video of Zoe standing up for Britney... so awesome after so long her & Taryn still treat Britney with this amount of respect. Be sure to support back #BritneyArmy & go watch Guardians Of The Galaxy
Posted on 05 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

 No Official word has been said it only gossip going around social media.. we will keep you posted.

Posted on 04 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

 How cute are those boys..

Posted on 04 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Fresh story of the day.. that some lucky Europe fans may get the see the sell out Piece of Me vegas show while its still only a rumor could be they will be in town for a couple of weeks.

Could also be apart of a promotional tour for the new Intimate Collection Britney has coming out. Thats in mid to late September.

We will keep you guys posted.. hopefully if its true get some prices for tickets And venue's.

Posted on 01 Aug 2014 by mybritneyinsider

So this tweet was done... and #Britneyarmy you tell us is this a stab at our Britney??

We have these question to Jessica : why hate on Britney? What has she ever done or said about or to you?

Posted on 30 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

 HQ video of the E!news story


Posted on 30 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Enjoy the video #Britneyarmy




Posted on 30 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Hello, Britney Spears!

As you may have heard the princess of pop is launching her own line of lingerie in September. And only we have an exclusive first look of Ms. Spears showing off some major boobage in a cream lace bra from The Intimate Britney Spears collection.

"It is so important for women to feel confident, sexy and empowered, especially in those private moments with the one they love. The Intimate Britney Spears will do exactly that," Spears tells E! News in an exclusive statement. "Each line in the collection is beautiful with vintage inspired details, and fit for all women." Saying she "can't wait" for fans to see it when the line goes on sale on September 9 in the U.S, Spears added, "I love feeling sexy, so this is definitely a passion project for me."

The 32-year-old single mother of two took to Instagram last week to announce her foray into lingerie design. Brit posted a pic of herself in a black bra and underwear set with mesh panel detailing, and she teased the new line with the caption: "Coming very soon...The Intimate Collection, by yours truly. Just a peek at what's to come. xo"

The Intimate Britney Spears will include sexy lingerie as well as more casual sleepwear. Britney's designs come at reasonable prices starting at $17, with the most expensive item priced at $79.

And we'll have more Britney for you later today. Check out our exclusive (and very hot!) video footage from Brit's lingerie shoot on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m

Source : E!News

Posted on 29 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

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