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While most of us Britney Spears' fans are not happy with Lifetime's unauthorized biopic 'BRITNEY EVER AFTER' she just posted this "zero you know what given" shot.  Silence is golden apparently! 

We haven't seen the movie and don't plan on it

E! Did a story and what we mostly take from it no one is against doing crossroads 2... but here is the article.

7 Crossroads Set Secrets Revealed: All About Britney Spears' Justin Timberlake Doodles, Food Requests and More

You remember Crossroads, right?
The movie, released on Feb. 15, 2002, starred Britney Spears as a high school graduate named Lucy. The sweet, naïve brainiac with pop star dreams was—you guessed it!—at a crossroads in her life. Not yet a girl, not yet a woman, she and two childhood friends, played by Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana, reunited for a cross-country road trip after previously going their separate ways. The comedy, co-starring Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall, Justin Long, and Anson Mount, earned $61.1 million on a $10 million budget. Crossroads also gave Shonda Rhimes her first major screenwriting credit.
To celebrate the number of women involved in its production (and to find out how the film was made), Broadly interviewed Rhimes, producer Ann Carli and others last year.
More than 14 years ago, Carli left Spears' label, Jive Records, to begin a new career in film. She came across a spec script written by Rhimes, a then-unknown screenwriter who had worked mostly in TV. They pitched the idea for Crossroads to Spears, her mom and her manager, Larry Rudolph. Once they got the green light (and $10 million from Jive founder Clive Calder), they got to work.
Here are 7 little-known facts about the making of Crossroads and its legacy:
1. MTV had already been developing a project for Spears.
After Davis was attached to direct Crossroads, Carli and Jive Records brought it to MTV Films executive David Gale, who later signed on as the film's executive producer. Gale's team had already been working on a musical update of Alice in Wonderland that would both star Spears and feature other hot pop acts, including 'N Sync (and her then-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake).
2. Rhimes wanted to show a different side of Spears.
"I was much more interested in the young woman that I met than the image that people had of her. She was a person, and I don't think anyone at the time was looking at her—because it's such a misogynistic society—as a person," Rhimes said of Spears, who had at that time released two No. 1 albums (...Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again) and was recording a third CD. "The idea that we could portray her as a three-dimensional young woman was interesting to me. To have mean-girled her and turned her into a caricature would have been a mistake."
3. Robert De Niro convinced Anson Mount to do the movie.
Then a relative unknown, Mount was initially reluctant to play Spears' love interest. But De Niro, his co-star in City by the Sea, managed to persuade him to join the cast. In fact, De Niro was such a fan of Spears that he even ran lines with Mount on set, reading the pop star's part.
4. Spears was anything but a diva on set.
Before filming began, director Tamra Davis says, "I knocked on her hotel room door, and she opened it up, and she was wearing, like, a little pink T-shirt and little shorts, and she was just hilarious. She opened the door and she was like, 'Man, I was hammered last night!' I was like, 'What! You're Britney Spears, and you were hammered last night?' She was, like, the funniest, really good girlfriend-y type of girl." Her food requests were limited to two items: tuna Lunchables and edamame. Spears also asked production to pick her up 30 minutes early so she could go to Starbucks. As Carli recalled, "She said, 'I don't mind. I actually like going in and getting to decide.'"
5. Timberlake was a fixture on set.
"It was just the most beautiful relationship, seeing the two of them together and how love-y they were," Davis says of Spears' former flame. "They were just so close, and she was such a supporter of his. He worked just as hard as her. It was like, she would be doing rehearsals and he would be doing rehearsals. They really knew that life together." Davis still owns a notebook that Spears doodled in on set. "All she was writing was 'Britney and Justin,' all these little curlicues. It was like looking at a teenage girl's musings—hearts and butterflies and Justin's name."
6. Rhimes keeps a signed Crossroads poster in her office.
"I think it really was, for me, a lesson in both fame," Rhimes said. "I really did get to see what extreme fame was like close up—and how to cope with it, how to protect my casts against it, and how to be prepared for the problems that come when it happens to people in your cast."
7. Crossroads 2 isn't off the table.
"We've actually talked a little bit, in a weird way, about a sequel. There's a lot of people [involved], and they're really busy," Carli says. "Who knows? I think it would be a lot of fun, but everybody's in different places, from Taryn to Zoe to Britney to Shonda." Rhimes isn't sure she would return to write it, though. "It's 20-something years later. I don't know what Crossroads 2 would be!" the TV titan explained. 'Would I work with that group of people again? Absolutely!"

Grammy party

Image Credit: wonderfulunion.net

Britney Spears is the world’s most famous living legend. What is surprising with her fame and success is that Britney is loved by everyone and anyone, even though she had a very public meltdown that led to her being diagnosed as bipolar. It’s startling to see how everyone has a soft spot for her and now that her life and career are back on track, all of her admirers and supporters are happy that they stood by her during hard times. Here are 10 reasons that prove that Britney Spears is a living legend.

1) The Fact That She Lasted This Long

Britney Spears is a true living legend because she has managed to last this long in the music industry. Since making her debut in 1998 with ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, Britney has been topping the charts. Even when she was going through the worst phase of her personal life, her professional life was still rocking.

Image Credit: Tumblr
Image Credit: Tumblr

2) Her Contemporaries Never Made It This Far Despite Having The Better Voice

Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and many more started out at the same time as Britney Spears in the late 90s. Unfortunately, only Britney was able to sustain a career in the music industry, despite some of the others being more talented. Britney is truly one legend, whose personality overrides her talent.

Image Credit: wennermedia.com
Image Credit: wennermedia.com

3) She Overcame A Lot Of Odds

There was a dark period in Britney’s life, when all the cards were stacked against her. Most people have these same moments in their lives, but with Britney, everything was in the public eye. The media enjoyed every moment of her when she was down and continued broadcasting it to the world.

Image Credit: FOX
Image Credit: FOX

4) She Had To Deal With Her Breakdowns Publicly

From her breakup with then heartthrob Justin Timberlake to her marriage breaking down, Britney Spears’ troubles were publicised all over the world. Yet, she managed to paddle through the rough water.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

5) She’s Nothing, But A Sweetheart

Despite what she has been through, anyone, who has met her, will tell you that Britney Spears is a sweetheart. She might have been through a lot, but even that to her is not an excuse to be disrespectful to others, including her fans.

Image Credit: Tumblr
Image Credit: Tumblr

6) She Did A Lot Of Crazy Things

What the famous kids are doing today is nothing compared to what Britney Spears did during her time. The craziest antic got her tied up in a gurney and carried away by the paramedics and simultaneously, losing custody of her kids. All this was happening while the paparazzi in helicopters above filmed the whole thing.

7) She Came Back Stronger Than Ever

After the bad time she had in her life, Britney Spears bounced back with the help and supervision of her parents. Soon after, she released a new album and managed to get her act together. Things have been going well for her since then.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

8) No One Thought She Would Come This Far

No one, who witnessed the downward spiral that Britney was heading to, thought that she would be able to come this far in life. It truly is a marvel that, sadly, a lot of other messed up stars couldn’t replicate.


9) Everyone Was Rooting For Her To Get Better

A lot of stars went through hard times, but it seems that the people have a soft spot more for Britney Spears than they do for others. They feel sorry for her and how everything happened to her in the public eye. Also, because they know that she didn’t deserve all this.

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

10) The Britney Spears Today Is Famous And A Living Legend

10 years after her bad fall in the public eye, Britney Spears is standing tall in all aspects of her life. Her professional life is rocking and her personal life is going well, as she’s enjoying her free time with her sons and her family. All that she has been through and how she came out of it proves that Britney Spears is truly a living legend.

Image Credit: People Magazine
Image Credit: People Magazine



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